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Pricing for Building Owners.

SAVE £68 vs. hourly rate



plus VAT

Start with a Notice.  Professionally researched, drafted & served.


Serving Notice is your first step.  Depending on the response you’ll also need a schedule of condition or party wall award.

Preparing & serving notice
Land Registry Fees
Owner search & verify
Easy consent form
10 day follow up notice


SAVE £215 vs. hourly rate



plus VAT

We record condition of adjoining owners property before work starts.


If you receive consent, a schedule of condition is recommended to help prevent disputes over damages.

Detailed written report
Notes on condition
Cracks classified
Photographic record
Copies for both parties


SAVE £465 vs. hourly rate



plus VAT

We help resolve the dispute.
Includes a schedule of condition.


If you don’t receive consent surveyor(s) need to resolve matters via a party wall award.

Schedule of Condition
Drafting & Serving Award
Acting as Agreed Surveyor
Acting as Joint Surveyor
Up to 8 hours time


Pricing for Adjoining Owners


Our unique service at a simple hourly rate. 


PER HOUR  (plus VAT)


In normal circumstances the Adjoining Owner’s costs are usually paid for by the Building Owner.  As standard we charge a flat hourly rate, we can also quote a fixed cost on request.


Frequently Asked Questions


I'd like to appoint you, how do I proceed?

Simply click here to get started.  We’ll take a few background details, then contact you to answer any queries and discuss the best way forward.  Once we have the required info we’ll send you over a quote and appointment letter to sign, then we’re good to go.

I've seen cheaper prices elsewhere

While on the face of it you may see ‘cheaper’ prices there are a number of things to consider:

  • If the surveyor doesn’t approach matters carefully your neighbour may be more likely to go for the two surveyor option.  You have no say over who they appoint so you could be hit with their much higher fees, plus your own surveyors fees.
  • With a ‘bargain’ fixed price your surveyors’ interest may rapidly diminish if your project develops into anything more than a basic job.  Others may string out the job to maximise their ‘lower’ hourly rate.

“Pile ’em high and sell ’em cheap” is great for some occasions, but not when your home is involved.  

One way to think of things is as follows:  If you needed a doctor would you prefer the cheapest one available or the one best suited to your needs?

Get Started with free advice and a quote – you have nothing to lose.

Will I get a good service?

Unlike some, we limit the number of projects we take on.  It means you get a better service.  You’ll deal directly with a surveyor (without being fobbed off on an assistant) and will have the time spent on your project to ensure it is properly understood and administered.

Are your prices fixed?

The pricing for Party Wall Notices and Schedules of Condition are fixed.

For Party Wall Awards you get a discounted fixed fee which covers up to 8 hours work. This is ample for most Party Wall Awards (it’s is rare this is exceeded), after that we charge our hourly rate. We charge this way so that you get a discounted price, but we are also covered for the unpredictable nature of some neighbours.

What's included in the price?

We believe in simple, upfront pricing so we will always send a detailed quote for your approval so you know exactly where you stand.

The prices shown above are for one of each service (e.g. one party wall notice, one schedule of condition or one party wall award).  This includes reasonable postage, phone calls and consumables. A Schedule of Condition or Party Wall Award includes and one site visit within a 5 mile radius of our address (based in Stround Green, London N4).

The prices show above exclude projects involving basements or underpinning, we will quote for this separately.

Travel outside a 5 mile radius is charged extra, we will include this on our quote for you.

If you choose a Party Wall Award this includes up to eight hours of our time (which includes conducting the Schedule of Condition). This is usually more than enough to complete and serve the award.  On the rare occasion eight hours work is exceeded we charge at our hourly rate of £170 p/h.  We feel this is a fair way to charge as it means you get a discounted price for the simpler jobs, but covers us for the unpredictable nature of some neighbours.

Additional work after serving the first award (for example if we need to resolve a claim for damages) is charged at our hourly rate.

If you have more than one adjoining owner please contact us for a quote as we can usually combine costs.

What areas do you cover?

We cover within the M25, with a focus on North London.

We are located in Stroud Green, North London, N4 (near Crouch End, Islington, Highgate, Hampstead and Hornsey).

If you are not sure if we cover your area please drop us a line.

I have some questions, can you help?

Sure, we offer FREE initial advice.  Click here to contact us and we’ll do our best to help you.

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