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We’re specialist North London Party Wall Surveyors.  Our sensible, well-structured administration of the Party Wall Act helps fairly enforce your rights, avoiding disputes and reducing your costs.

About us.

At WellStrucutred we’re North London party wall surveyors with a difference – We believe most people want a good ongoing relationship with their neighbours, not a costly and stressful party wall process.

We are a leading firm of specialist party wall surveyors. That means rather than proving a number of different services, or subcontracting consultants, we stick within our discipline and know how to get results. Our surveyors are degree educated and qualified by the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors.


“During my 19+ years in design & construction I became increasingly disheartened with the Party Wall Act. The wording could be confusing, some surveyors saw the process as a cash cow, and disagreements were being created when they shouldn’t be.

I established WellStructured to provide alternative Party Wall Surveyors for North London. We approach the Act in the way it was intended – to help prevent and resolve disagreements, not create them. Our mission is to give North Londoners a trusted, cost effective way to agree Party Wall matters.” 

Sam Baker

Founder, WellStructured Party Wall Surveyors - North London

“During my 19+ years in design & construction I became increasingly disheartened with the Party Wall Act.

I established WellStructured to provide an alternative Party Wall Surveyors for North London.  We approach the Act in the way it was intended – to help prevent and resolve disagreements, not create them. 

Our mission is to give North Londoners a trusted, cost-effective way to agree party wall matters.”

Sam Baker

Founder, WellStructured Party Wall Surveyors - North London

The right Party Wall Surveyor can save money & stress

For a building owner planning on extending their property, or neighbour wanting to protect their home, the process of choosing a surveyor can be a minefield.

A poorly executed survey creates more work for the other construction professionals /consultants involved in your project. Once a party wall surveyor is appointed, they can’t be sacked. That means if you get it wrong you could be hit with high costs and stuck with your inept surveyor.

The right surveyor will be one that can dedicate the time that your project deserves. They also need to be able to bring both parties together, to promote an amicable agreement rather than a dispute where no-one wins.

You should be clearly informed of the pricing and not be charged top commercial rates for surveying a simple rear extension or loft conversion.


handshake green background 2
handshake green background 2

Being a member of a professional body such as the Facility of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS) or Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows that the surveyor is qualified, but shouldn’t be taken as an unquestionable stamp of quality.

If you are based in North London, then find a party wall surveyor in north London.  Appointing a surveyor local to your project has it benefits, and helps you avoid travel charges.

If you can find a party wall surveyor that does this then you will save yourself time, money and stress.

Who our service is for.

Want a cost effective, fair and hassle-free solution?  We’re dedicated to providing an ethical Party Wall Surveyor service for North London.

Worried about spiralling costs & rogue surveyors?

Don’t waste ££’s on surveyors who create disputes & do little in return.  Our ethical service & fixed fees give you cost certainty.

Looking for a sensible approach?

We’re a local North London Party Wall Surveyor who’ll get the job done fairly, with minimum expense and fuss.

Want clear & unbiased info?

We’ll explain Party Wall matters in a clear, jargon free way with guidance on the best way to fairly enforce your rights.

We're here to help you.

Our frank advice and sensible approach gets things done.  It means owners can safely build and neighbours are protected.

Need a sensible approach?

Want a North London Party Wall Surveyor to deal with matters fairly & without fuss?

Want clear, unbiased info?

Need the Act explained in a jargon free way with guidance on the best way to proceed?

We're here to help you.

We’re not here to create disputes. We’d rather give sensible advice, aiming for a positive outcome.

Take your next step.

Do you need a Party Wall Surveyor in North London? We here to give expert advice on your party wall matters.  Click below to learn more.

A brief history of Party Walls.

party wall notice

What we know today as the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 first originated after the Great Fire of London.

One of the earliest forms of party wall surveyors were known as “Fire Courts”. These were an alternative to solicitors; experienced tribunals we set up to resolve the boundary and structural issues experienced by building owners and tenants of fire ravaged buildings and properties. It is from these courts that the role of the party wall surveyor emerged.

Subsequent legislation was passed shortly after to regulate rebuilding property after the Great Fire. It permitted the compulsory purchase of land in order to widen the narrow roads, to prevent the spread of future fires. Chartered building surveyors (in an early form) and their associates were used to help the process.

If anyone were to interfere with the process of re-marking the streets, a clause permitted for them to be “openly whipped near unto the place where the Offence shall be committed, till his body be bloody“!

For one day in September each year another clause provided for “a day of Public Fasting and Humiliation within the said City and Liberties thereof“.

A brief history of North London.

North London is made up of many small localities, parishes and towns that until the mid-nineteenth century were mostly rural. They eventually merged to create what we now call North London.

The original walled City of London grew slowly outside of its northern gates when compared to other regions. The ground was clay heavy and boggy (something that many North Londoners know only too-well with the occurrence of subsidence) and the roads poor, meaning north London grew significantly slower than the south.

It was only with the spread of new railway lines from the mid-19th century that new commuter suburbs emerged and the pace of urbanisation increased.
With the growth of terraced housing, and therefore party walls, the use of a party wall surveyor in North London area became more common place.

After the second world war the concept of the Green Belt was introduced, which had the effect of stopping the increasingly rampant building of North London.

Today more than 1.5 million residents call North London home – a population larger than may European capital cities, and it prides itself in its multicultural and diverse population. In fact, it has been said that over 200 languages are spoken in North London alone!

We’re proud to be the go-to party wall specialist for North London and its diverse architecture and communities.


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Which boroughs are in North London?

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North London Boroughs include; Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Westminster.

The London borough system we know today was introduced on 1st April 1965 ( at the same time as Greater London) by the London Government Act 1966.

WellStructured Party Wall Surveyors provide a professional Party Wall Surveyor service throughout the North London area, guiding you and your project through the party wall process. Matters we help with include preparing and serving Notices, Schedules of Conditions and Party Wall Awards.


A specialist Party Wall service for all North London areas.

North London party wall surveyor areas served

We provide professional party wall services for the following north London areas: (in alphabetical order)

Barking and Dagenham, Barnet, Brent, Camden, Ealing, Enfield, Hackney, Hammersmith and Fulham, Haringey, Harrow, Havering, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Newham, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Westminster.

As specialists in Party Wall matters, our team assists you throughout and our services include; Serving Notice, conducting schedule of condition inspections, drawing up Party Wall Awards and ensuring that the rights of Building Owners and Adjoining Owners are protected.

As a company we frequently undertake jobs with residential building owners and adjoining owners, property management companies, contractors, architects and other building professionals.

We are proud members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors (FPWS), which was established to promote the highest standards of professional practice in this field of expertise.

A few facts about North London, strange but true?

party wall notice

These facts are nothing to do with North London party wall surveyors, but interesting nevertheless:


When considering proposals for the Underground one plan was for the tube tunnels were to be filled with water. People were to be floated by boat from Kings Cross to Euston station – pulled by small barge donkeys. 

At some point it was decided trains would be a better idea.

North London officially has its own smallest statue. It depicts two little mice eating cheese, and is in memorial to a pair of roofers who fell to their deaths during an argument over a disappearing cheese sandwich.

Eventually it transpired that an infestation of mice was the cause and the stature was erected in their memory.

The statue is located on Philpot Lane, near Monument station.

party wall notice

We’re Party Wall Surveyors for North London

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We’re London Party Wall Surveyors, based in Stroud Green, N4.

Our surveying team also practice throughout London.  If you are building on property based in central, north, east, south, west or surrounding our expert guidance, notices, surveys and awards are on hand.

Our postal address is:

WellStructured Party Wall Surveyors
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We’re North London Party Wall Surveyors based in Stroud Green N4

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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996

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